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Brand: Bearpaw
Bearpaw Hopi hunting bowThis powerful hunting one piece recurve really impresses with its great looks. Being a compact bow of 60” it offers an excellent shooting “feel” right out to its maximum draw length of 32”. Together with our manufacturer we were able to include many of the great featur..
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Brand: Bearpaw
Bearpaw Mohican handle and limbs The riser is produced from stable Actionwood and compliments the looks of the black limbs perfectly. When it comes to take-down recurves in the beginners class the Mohican is a bow that cannot be overlooked. The recurve limbs are beautifully smooth all the ..
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Brand: Bearpaw
Bearpaw Shadow handle and limbs, totale bow length 58inch. The bow has micarta and black actionwood finish. The limbs can be mounted with the ILF system, this means you can mount any limb with the ILF system. Available in right handed...
Starting From €453.43
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Brand: Bearpaw
Bearpaw fletching quick glue Glue for gluing feathers to all materials of arrows...
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