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Wifler MP2 industries button

Wifler MP2 industries button
Wifler MP2 industries button
Wifler MP2 industries button
Wifler MP2 industries button
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Wifler MP2 industries button
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Wifler industries button MP2

Springless micro adjustable cushion plunger from Wifler.

  • Ultra-micro toolless adjustments: 20 micro clicks per rotation.
  • Metal wrench included: tighten your plunger to the bow with ease.
  • Lasered marks on the cap and body: easy to see any place you need to make an adjustment.
  • With no mechanical parts and superior material selection, rain and temperature have less of an effect than traditional plungers.

The MP2 Plunger is a game-changer for archers seeking unparalleled precision and reliability. Engineered with a dynamic nonlinear response, this innovative plunger ensures the most forgiving and consistent performance on the market. With ultra-micro tool-less adjustments and industrial-grade coatings, the MP2 adapts to your shooting style effortlessly. Elevate your archery experience with the MP2 Plunger – where cutting-edge design meets peak performance.

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